ukDesiree Henry

DATE OF BIRTH26.08.1995
COACHRana Reider
EVENT100m, 200m, 400m
PERSONAL BEST100m - 11.06, 200m - 22.94, 400m - 52.27


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ABOUT Desiree Henry

Desiree Henry is a truly exciting young British athletics talent and Stellar is delighted to be helping shape her future. There are going to be no huge boasts or grand promises at this stage and no additional pressures placed upon this sprinter’s young shoulders. However we have known for some time that she has a wonderful combination of talent, desire, application and an incredibly strong work ethic.

And we have not been the only ones. The millions who watched the dazzling opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympics will never forget the Torch lighting. Several giants of previous Olympics passed their torch, literally, to future Olympic prospects who then had the honour of lighting that amazing cauldron.

Two time Olympic Decathlon Champion Daley Thompson identified Desiree and chose her to take his torch. There cannot be many greater honours! And the way she conducted herself with the national media following this iconic and once in a lifetime moment showed that she is not just gifted and classy on the track.

In 2011 Desiree announced herself on the biggest stage of her career when she blitzed her way to the 200m title at the World Youth Championships in Lille.

2012 continued Desiree’s development on the track. Notable results throughout the year included:

2nd place in 200m World Junior Championships, Barcelona. 100m victories at: Loughborough International, Lee Valley Sprint Meeting & UK Women’s League Premier Division.

Desiree is currently into Winter training mode, working hard but working smart to lay the strongest possible foundations for further improvements in 2013.

Hobbies & Interests.

Asked what she couldn’t live without, Desiree delivered the eclectic answer: mobile phone, terrapins and vans!

And like many girls she loves clothes and fashion and is particularly fond of: Top Shop, New Look, River Island, Hollister and Forever Young.

Musical tastes include: Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and Chris Brown.

60m- 7.22i

100m PB: 100m – 11.21

200m PB – 23.25

World Youth Champion 2011