This is a field where Stellar Athletics is head and shoulders above the competition. Through our in house full time marketing staff and under the direction of Stellar CEO Jonathan Barnett, Stellar Athletics is capable of providing significant off the field income to our clients via marketing endorsements, television and radio appearances, print ads, public speaking engagements, and even modelling campaigns.

Stellar Athletics accomplishes this task due to the years of experience utilizing its intricate web of contacts in the corporate world.

Because marketing and endorsement revenue is an important supplement to our clients salaries, Stellar Athletics maximizes our clients exposure through a detailed promotional plan tailored to each clients skills and interests.
The Stellar umbrella which also incorporates the sports of Football, Rugby and Cricket, has working relationships with all of the major players in the sport and entertainment industry. The Stellar Group has secured major marketing deals accross a number of sports with companies such as Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Sony and many others.
Stellar Athletics Endorsements