A professional athlete has only a few years in which to maximise his or her income, not just through earning on the track but also from investing wisely during this period. It is thereforevery important for all athletes to have a good off-field management team behind them so that they can channel all their energy into training and competing.

In terms of management, Stellar provides a comprehensive package to all its clients. This includes:

Race Planning and Management

Stellar maintains strong relationships with meet directors all over the world to help its clients gain entry into events. From the IAAF Diamond leagues to various meets on the European Circuit, once meets are identified the athletes schedule is then put in place, approved and finalised.

Travel Planning

The extensive travel that goes with being a full time athlete is very hectic and can be a stressful process. Stellar takes care of these demands, and manages all logistical requirements, including booking and paying for the necessary flights, hotel accommodation, transport and Visas. Regular liaising is done with the client to ensure they are happy with the plans that are put into place.

Negotiating Kit / Competition Contracts

Stellar has built strong relationships with International organisations over the years including adidas, Nike, Reebok and Asics in order to secure rewarding shoe contracts for its clients.

Financial Management and Legal advice

With our in-house Finance Director and Company Lawyers we are able to offer advice on all financial matters such as tax and financial planning, mortgage advice and general numeracy concerns.

Marketing & Endorsements

This is a field where Stellar Athletics is head and shoulders above the competition. Through our in-house full time marketing staff and under the direction of Stellar Group CEO Jonathan Barnett, Stellar Athletics is capable of providing significant off the field income to our clients.
Stellar Athletics Managament