While an athletes early career can be considerably aided and made more secure by the acquisition of a lucrative contract, ultimate long-term security can only be delivered by financial arrangements, commercial deals, and developing skills, contacts and career opportunities that extend far beyond an athletes competition days.

It is all too easy to focus on the immediate and to strive for short-term benefits. At Stellar Athletics we take our post-career responsibilities very seriously for each and every one of our athletes. A sportsperson
s latest performances can largely dictate their profile and market value and we ensure our athletes are happy and looked after in a way that enables them to perform. However, we are well aware that this particular window of opportunity can be short-lived and that there is a lot of life left afterwards !
At Stellar Athletics we help to create a smooth transition from the competitive sporting arena to life after athletics by encouraging our clients to set up post career planning. We will establish interviews, training, internships, and open other avenues to make sure our clients success on the playing field is mirrored in the business world.
We have many business contacts across the globe in numerous industries and we have years of experience when it comes to identifying an athletes skills, talents and interests and guiding them towards a field in which they can thrive once their spikes have been hung up.